Registrations page is renewed

Our registrations page has been renewed!

To give you better insight into your mobility, the Registrations page got a major upgrade. From now on, you have a more complete picture of your trips made, the necessary actions such as assigning a ride, and reimbursements from 1 glance. Below is a short overview of the most important changes:

One central overview from tab "Overview": this new page gives you a total overview of all trips made, the impact on the budget (if applicable) and reimbursement details. Are journeys still to be allocated? Then the employee will see a notification for this.
Clear overview of open actions: additional actions for journeys are highlighted by the number in the title of the 'Approvals' and 'Pending' tab.
Insight into how green you travel: for each journey, employees can see how sustainably they travel via a new CO2 indicator. The higher the number of leaves, the more sustainable your journey is. You can also see how much the emission indicator is per trip.

The page has been designed intuitively so that navigation in the new tabs looks easy.

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