What is 4411 and how do I activate the service?

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With 4411 you can manage and pay for all your mobility with one app: pay for parking or buy a ticket for public transport in Belgium. It's all possible with 4411.


Activating and using the 4411 app

  1. Activate 4411 on NS Go
  2. Authorize your account on the 4411 website to set up a direct connection to the NS Go platform.
  3. Use the app as usual, we will take care of the reimbursement through your employer.
  4. Don't forget to assign each transaction afterwards to the correct budget to request the reimbursement.

4411 Android app 4411 IOS app

What can I do with the 4411 app?

With 4411 you have all your mobility costs in one app. The benefits at a glance:

On the 4411 website you can find more information about the free app.

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