What is Felyx and how do I activate the service?

Felyx is a shared e-scooter for city use.

Activating and using Felyx e-scooter

Felyx is a Self Service service. If you have an NS Go link address, you can create a Felyx account and link it to your NS Go.

  1. Activate the Felyx Self Service service in NS Go.
  2. Download the Felyx app.
  3. Create a Felyx account with your NS Go link address.
  4. Use the service as a normal service.

Felyx Android app Felyx iOS app

Where and how do I rent a Fleyx e-scooter?

You can reserve a Felyx e-scooter through the app.

  1. Open the Felyx app.
  2. Check which e-scooters are available near you.
  3. Reserve a Felyx e-scooter.
  4. Walk to the scooter.
  5. Unlock the scooter in your app and take the helmet out of the helmet box.
  6. Put on the helmet and take the scooter off the stand.
  7. Press the green button on the handlebar and start the engine.
  8. You are ready to ride.

You can rent and use the Felyx e-scooter in the service areas in one of the major cities.

How do I end the rental of a Felyx e-scooter?

No longer need the e-scooter? Then you can end the Felyx ride.

  1. Park the scooter neatly within the service area.
  2. Unfold the stand and get off.
  3. Put the helmet back in the helmet box.
  4. End the ride through the app.
  5. The costs will be processed in ‘Registrations’.

On the Felyx website you can find more information about the e-scooter, what it costs and how it works.

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