What is Public Transport Self Service and how does the service work?

Public transport Self Service is a service that allows you to register and declare your OV costs to your employer yourself. This is useful if you ever forget your NS Business Card.

Activating OV Self Service

OV Self Service is a Self Service. Do you have an NS Go link address? Then you can activate OV Self Service in NS Go.

How do I use OV Self Service?

You can easily register and declare your OV costs in the NS Go app.

  1. Pay the OV costs yourself and keep the payment receipt.
  2. Go to your NS Go Dashboard.
  3. Click on 'Add Registration'.
  4. Choose 'Payment Receipt'.
  5. Upload your payment receipt.
  6. Fill in the form.
  7. Click on 'Register'.
  8. Your OV costs will be processed in 'Registrations'.

After registration, the costs will be approved and settled with your salary.

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