What Self Services are available?

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A Self Service is a simple way to make use of different types of transport. There are two types of Self Service services:

Self Services with a separate account

For these Self Services you create an account yourself with your NS Go-link address:

An app with which you pay all your mobility costs, such as parking costs and tickets for public transport services.

A flexible car sharing service that is always ready for you. Where and when you want.

Donkey republic
A bike sharing system in Amsterdam, The Hague, Dordrecht and Rotterdam.

A shared e-scooter for the city.

A bike subscription so you always have a working bike at hand.

Book a taxi service in the Uber app in more than 10,000 cities worldwide.

Self Services with payment proof

For these Self Services you keep the payment proof. You then add it to your registrations.

Taxi Self-service
Register and declare your taxi costs to your employer.

Parking Self-service
Register and declare your parking costs to your employer.

Public Transport Self-service
Register and declare your public transport costs to your employer. Handy if you ever forget your NS-Business Card.

Your employer decides which services you can use. In the NS Go app under 'Services' you will find the Self Services that you can use.

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