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There are different subscriptions with NS that you can apply for with an NS Business Card. The different types of subscriptions ensure a good connection to your mobility and travel wishes. Each subscription has a trip registration that provides a good overview of the trips you have made by train. These trips can be viewed in a clear overview in the mobility hub of NS Go.

This article will give you a short overview from how to apply for a Business Card to the different subscriptions.

How to apply for a season ticket.

Go to article: How to apply for a NS Business Card, here you can also directly choose which subscription suits you.

The different types of subscriptions:

  1. NS Basis Subscription. This is not a subscription in principle, but only travel on account at the full fare. Your journeys can be viewed in the NS Go mobility hub. 
  2. NS Dal Subscription. This is a subscription with 40% discount on the full fare during off-peak hours. Furthermore, you have a discount during weekends and on Dutch national holidays. Click here for an overview of the public holidays on which the discount applies.
  3. NS Traject Vrij Subscription. Unlimited travel on a fixed train route in the Netherlands at fixed annual fees, the Intercity direct (with supplement) and on the domestic routes of ICE International.
  4. NS Treinvrij Abonnement. For a fixed amount per year unlimited travel with NS, Intercity direct (with surcharge) and on the domestic routes of ICE International. With the Trein Vrij abonnement you also travel on the trains of all other train operators without limitations.
  5. Traject op Maat. A flexible and inexpensive subscription for employees who travel a fixed route 2 to 3 times a week on average. Where with our other subscriptions (such as Traject Vrij and Trein Vrij) a fixed amount is paid per month, with Traject op Maat you pay afterwards, based on the travel behaviour of the employee. This means that the amount can vary each month, depending on the number of days on which the employee travelled on the route (or part of the route) with the NS Business Card that month.

Terms and conditions of subscriptions.

  • Valid for 5 years and will only be renewed if there are still current NS Business travel products on it
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled daily (as of one month after the commencement date)

NS Greenwheels.

You can also activate Greenwheels on your Business card, so you can easily rent a car and travel from A to B at low cost.

Do you still have questions, do not hesitate and send a message to the support team.

If you cannot make the right choice in which subscription suits you, go to our decision aid: Decision aid

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