About the NS-Go Platform

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About the NS-Go Platform

NS Go is a platform for managing your mobility. We aim to make your mobility as easy and flexible as possible. 

Why NS Go?

1. Check your mobility policy - Do you know what mobility services you can use and under what conditions?
2. Manage mobility services - Activate your personal mobility services via NS Go.
3. Integration with business processes - We integrate your mobility usage with your business process. (e.g. expense systems, HR, ...)


3 Simple concepts

To enable the management of mobility, we use the concepts of services, trips and budget.

1. Services 

With NS Go, you have access to various mobility service providers. In NS Go, we call these "Services", and we can divide them into different categories:  

Based on your mobility policy, these services may or may not be available to you.

If you want to use a particular mobility service, you must first activate it yourself. You can do this simply by clicking on the relevant service on the "Services" page and following the further activation steps as indicated. You may have to make some choices based on your personal mobility. These choices can also have an impact on your mobility budget (see below).

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2. Trips

Some services are billed on a pay-per-use basis. Each use of one of these services can then have a cost impact and is called a "trip".

The 'My rides' tab provides a complete overview of your trips. New tours are listed under the tab 'Trips to be assigned'. Here you can choose which budget you wish to allocate the trips to by ticking a number of trips, selecting a budget and clicking on 'Confirm trips'. 

Once the trips have been approved, they appear under the 'Approved trips' tab. This approval can take place automatically or via your HR Team.  

3. Budgets

Each trip for which a service is active will be registered in the NS Go platform. Each ride should be assigned to a certain "budget".

Budgets are a means for your employer to set certain limits, understand the reason for your ride, activate a workflow and ensure that these expenses can be booked under the correct payroll & accounting codes.

How do the different services operate?

Services can be divided into two categories: services that are managed via NS Go and self-service services. How does this work?

1. Managed services

Under managed services, there is a direct contract between the mobility service provider and your employer. You can use the mobility of this service provider and the invoice will be sent directly to your employer.

For example: you wish to order an NS Business Card. This is something that is arranged directly through the contract between your employer and the NS. You do not have to purchase this yourself first.

2. Self-Services

Self-service services are managed by you. You order and pay for tickets yourself. NS Go automatically takes care of reimbursement via your employer based on your NS Go user name used at the different mobility service providers. Each time you use this user name for a mobility service, the journey will automatically appear in the NS Go platform.

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