Trip Registration

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Trip Registration

What is this module for?

In this module you can register which journeys you have made. Based on the entries in this calendar, your reimbursements are processed automatically and any impact on the budget is calculated. 

Based on your mobility policy, these journeys may need to be approved first. The status of these can be verified in the overview "My trips".

How can you record trips?

You can create trips here (e.g. the usual trip from home to work). A trip can consist of several sections, for example:

  • Trip 1: by car from home to the nearest station
  • Trip 2: by train to the station closest to your work location
  • Trip 3: with the shared bike to your work location

You can easily create each trip in the pop-up screen:

  • choose a mode of transport
  • choose the start and end location
  • The trip will be validated in the background
  1. For the return trip, the reverse trip is automatically created, so you can simply select it from the drop-down menu if you wish.
  2. Then choose "save as favourite" so that you can reuse the same trip and return trip later. You can also give the favourite ride an appropriate name.
  3. On the main page, you can click on your favourite trip, after which you can simply place the trips on the days on which you did them.
  • Remarks about this module:
  • This module serves to register made trips, you cannot use it to 'plan' trips in the future.
  • No tickets are ordered via the trip registration.

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