Registering office/home working days

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Registering office/home working days

What is this module for?

In this module you can register on which days you worked in the office and or at home. Based on the registration in your calendar, your reimbursements can be processed automatically and a possible impact on the budget can be calculated.

Based on your mobility policy, these ''trips'' may need to be approved first. You can see the status of your registration in the overview ''My Rides''.

How can you register office/homeworking days?

First you have to turn on the office service in your Mobility Hub of NS Go, for instructions go to Office/Homework registration.

  1. To register an office day or home working day, go to ''Register office days'' in the mobility hub.

2. Register your working day. There are two ways to register an office day. Per day or via the calendar for several days at once.

(You register working from home in the same way, but you follow step 3 and onwards as well). 

A: You immediately select your workstation and date --> click on ''Register office day''. The office day is now directly added to your calendar.


You register several days at once in the calendar --> click on ''Register several days on calendar''. Select your workplace and click on the days in the calendar that you work there.

You can then see in the calendar via the icon which workstation has been registered:

Vergeet niet te bevestigen via de knop "Registreer":

3.    Go to the ''My Rides'' tab under Home working days.

4.  Go to Rides to assign and enter the correct budget for each homework day --> confirm rides --> Your rides are now fixed in the calendar and cannot be changed. If you need to change it anyway, please contact the support team.

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