How do I use Self Services?

Sebastiaan Vlamings
Sebastiaan Vlamings
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How do I use Self Services?

Our Self-Service allows you to use the various applications of mobility service providers and be automatically reimbursed by your employer.

It is very easy to set up:

1.     Request the desired (self-service) service in NS Go. 

2.     Use your NS Go user name within the application of the mobility service provider. (

3.     Order your tickets or use your rides. You pay with your private bank account or credit card.

4.     NS GO processes the incoming mails from this mobility service provider.

5.     Make sure you assign a budget to each transaction in NS Go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my NS Go user name?
You can find it on the My Services page.

Do I still get the receipts myself?
Yes, all mail receipts arriving in your NS Go user name are automatically forwarded to your business email address.

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