What is Greenwheels and how do I activate the service?

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Greenwheels is a car sharing service available throughout the Netherlands and at 135 NS stations.

Activating Greenwheels

Greenwheels is an NS door-to-door service and is linked to your NS Business Card.

  1. Activate the Greenwheels service in NS Go.
  2. Go to My NS Business and log in with your NS Business account
  3. Click on ‘Book a Greenwheels car’ and fill in the registration form
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from Greenwheels with a pin code for your account
  5. Log in to the Greenwheels app with your business email address and the pin code.
  6. Use the service as normal, the costs will automatically be visible in NS Go

Greenwheels Android app  Greenwheels iOS app

Where and how do I reserve a Greenwheels car?

A car is reserved via the Greenwheels app.

  1. Open the Greenwheels app.
  2. Search for a car at the location you want.
  3. Reserve the car.
  4. Find the car and open it with the app.
  5. Open the on-board computer with the pin code and take out the key.
  6. Start the car and drive away.

Each car has a fixed location. In the app you can see where a car is waiting for you.

Greenwheels locations

How do I end a Greenwheels reservation?

No longer need the car? Then return the car and end the reservation.

  1. Park the car at the same location as where you picked it up.
  2. Put the key back in the on-board computer.
  3. Get out of the car and lock it with the app.
  4. End the reservation in the app.
  5. Confirm your choice.
  6. The reservation is ended.
  7. The service is processed in ‘Registrations’.

On the Greenwheels website you can find more information about the car sharing, what it costs and how it works.

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