What Can I Do on the NS Go Platform?

On the NS Go platform, employers and employees can manage, view, and plan business trips and workspaces, which we call "mobility policy." This also includes managing days of remote work within the company. NS Go has three core components:

  • Services: This displays the mobility services available for use and the conditions for each.
  • Registrations: This provides an overview of completed trips and registered workspaces.
  • Budgets and budgetreasons: This shows the status of trip registrations.

What are Services?

In the "Services" tab, you can find the mobility services available. Your employer decides which services employees are allowed to use and activate. Services include:

  • Trip and workspace registrations
  • Services that can be used with the NS Business Card, such as public transportation and shared mobility
  • Self-service services that are advanced and reimbursed, such as Greenwheels

When requesting a service, you will choose a standard travel reason so that the trip is properly processed in the "Registrations."

Add a service

What are Registrations?

In the "Registrations" tab, you can see the trips and services that have been registered. The employer can view the registrations made by employees. Each registration is assigned to a budget. Registrations consist of:

  • Which service was used
  • When it was used
  • What it cost
  • Whether money is deducted from your budget or salary or reimbursed
  • Which budget the trip is assigned to
  • A description of the registration

My registration overview

What are Budgets and budgetreasons?

In the "Budgets" tab, you can see from which budget your registration was booked and how much budget you have left. There are three standard travel reasons:

  • Commute
  • Business
  • Private

Registrations with the travel reason "Private" are not visible to the employer.

Additionally, the employer can choose to use extra mobility budgets.

View mobility budget

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