How do 'Budgets' and 'Budgetreasons’ work?

Budgets and budgetreasons are costcenters from which the costs for mobility are paid.

A budget can be linked to one or more users from which the costs of mobility are settled. Budgetreasons are options within a budget to further divide the costs.

By default, there is one personal budget per user with 3 budgetreasons that can be booked on:

  • Commute: Costs of traveling to and from your workplace
  • Business: Costs of traveling to and from customers or other work locations
  • Private: Costs you make in your free time

The employer can choose to work with a budget limit, in which case you will see the budget page in the menu. On the budget page you can see how much budget you have consumed and how much is still available. All costs above the budget are settled with the salary.

In addition, the employer can choose to use extra mobility budgets, for example for specific project codes.

Check your mobility policy in your profile to read more about how budgets are applied within your organization.

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