Payments via Salary

Based on the policy, it is determined which costs are deducted or reimbursed through the employee's salary. This includes deductions for private trips, first class upgrades, or costs above the budget. Or reimbursements of KM allowance, home work allowance or parking ticket claims.

Viewing Payments as an Employee

On the registrations page, you can go to the 'Payments' tab to see all costs that are settled with your salary per month.

You can see per period if it has already been settled and how much costs are deducted or reimbursed.

By clicking on a month, you can see exactly which costs have been included and under which salary codes they are visible on your payslip.

Downloading Payments as an Employer

To process payments in the payroll system, there is an export with all costs per employee every period.

This overview can be downloaded via the HR manager portal in NS Go:

  1. Go to "Export" in HR manager mode
  2. Click on the "Download" button behind the period you want to view or import the payments from
  3. An excel file will be downloaded

This excel file contains two pages:

  1. Payroll export This is an overview of the costs to be settled per employee per salary code.

    Do you have a payroll integration? Then this data is automatically exchanged with your salary administration.

  2. Transaction overview An overview of all transactions that impact the payroll. In this overview, trips marked as 'Private' are masked to preserve the privacy of the employees.

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