In 'Registrations' you will find an overview of your registered trips and workplaces. Each registration is assigned a status.

  • Overview: all registrations of the selected period in order of new to old. All approved registrations are marked by a checkmark.
  • Unassigned: a registered trip or workplace must first be assigned to a budget. Assigning is done automatically or by the employee. Registrations that are assigned are automatically approved or pending. Unassigned transactions can be recognised by the checkbox and 'assign' action.
  • Pending: the registrations that have been assigned to a budget but are still awaiting approval from the employer. Pending registration can be recognised by the clock symbol.
  • Reimbursement: the amount that will be reimbursed with your salary.

You can see your sustainability score per registration. The more leaves the better, hover over the icon to reveil the emission of the trip.

  • 3 leaves: CO2 neutral
  • 2 leaves: 1-96 gr CO2/km
  • 1 leave: more than 96 gr CO2/km

How do I add trips?

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