Where can I register trips?

  • Go to your personal page in NS Go
  • Click on "Add registration
  • If you are entering a trip for the first time, click on "New trip"
    • Choose a route
    • Click on "New route
    • Choose a mode of transport
    • Choose a "From" location
    • Choose a "To" location
      • The distance is automatically determined using "HERE"
    • You can immediately also include the return trip in the created route by clicking on "including return trip".
    • Click on "save
    • You can return to the screen where you started to create a trip
      • The outward journey and return journey are already filled in now. You can add "return trip with the same services".
    • Choose a budget
    • Now you have created the route for single use
      You can also make the route a favorite by clicking the "save as favorite" button. You now have the option to give the route a name. After confirming the name and saving the route, it will appear under favorites.

By selecting the correct route and clicking on the days you travelled in the calendar, you register the trip.

Add Registration


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