How does a NS Go link address work?

If you want to travel with Self Services, it usually works with an NS Go Link address. A link address ensures that the costs of a trip are automatically settled with your salary. The invoices are sent to your Link address, so that NS Go can automatically process them as registration. You will receive a copy of the invoice at your business email address. Processing an invoice can take up to 5 working days.

How do I create a NS Go-Linkadres?

  1. Go to 'Services'.
  2. Under the heading 'Your NS Go link address', click 'Create'.
  3. Choose a word or your name and click 'Confirm'.
  4. Choose a number and click 'Confirm'.
  5. Your link address is created. This is a combination of the word and the number.
  6. Click 'Confirm'.
  7. Your link address is created and ready for use.

Use your link address to create an account with a Self Service.

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