What is NS P+R parking and how do I activate the service?

NS P+R parking is a parking subscription that allows you to park your car for free or at a discounted rate at more than 270 locations in the Netherlands.

Activating NS P+R parking

NS P+R parking is an NS door-to-door service. Do you have an NS Business Card? Then you can activate NS P+R parking in NS Go.

In the NS app you can reserve a parking space or see if there is still space on the parking lot.

NS Android app NS iOS app

How do I use NS P+R parking?

The NS P+R parking lots have a barrier. You open the barrier with your NS Business Card, or the barrier will open automatically if it recognizes your license plate.

  1. Go to an NS P+R parking lot.
  2. Drive to the barrier. Your license plate will be scanned or scan your NS Business Card at the barrier.
  3. Park your car.
  4. Are you leaving the parking lot? Then your license plate will be scanned again or scan your NS Business Card yourself to open the barrier.
  5. Drive off the parking lot.

Note: After activating the service, it can take up to 1 day before the barrier recognizes your NS Business Card.

On the NS P+R parking website you can find more information about the costs and how it works.

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