How do I apply for an NS-Business Card?

You can quickly apply for an NS-Business Card in NS Go.

  1. Go to 'Services'.
  2. Under 'All services', choose 'NS'.
  3. Select 'NS-Business Card'.
  4. Choose a subscription and travel class.
  5. Choose the start date for your NS-Business Card.
  6. Select the budget on which the trips should be placed, usually this is 'Commute'.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed.
  8. Your NS-Business Card has been requested.

Have you completed all the steps above? Then it will say "Requested" under your application in 'Services'. This means that your request is being processed.

If it says "Active" under your application, then we have already sent the card to you.

You can view the application in 'Services'. You will receive your new NS-Business Card within seven days at the address we have received from your employer, which is in your profile

Request NS-Business Card

Validity and Renewal

The NS Business Card is valid for one month and is automatically renewed every month for one month.


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